Expertise in Special Events and commercial properties such as: hotels, hospitals, medical centers, entertainment and retail Complexes.

Our parking management services will add critical customer value to your success factors.

Veteran experts within the urban parking environment.Parking lot management, parking attendant services, traffic control, hotels, restaurants, office complexes.

When space is at a premium, Park USA, Inc. will maximize your customer capabilities.

The complete property maintenance solution; from design intent, construction to maintenance. We handle an array of services for your facility or personal residence. V.I.P. Property Maintenance, Inc. is the true service partner to handle your concerns.

Our exquisite attention to detail, highest quality materials, products and services, positions us as the expert for:

  • Facility directors
  • The discerning homeowner
  • High profile projects
  • Project Management

Established in 1937, our attention to quality and lasting customer relationships has been a large contributor to the success and growth of the corporation.

  • Quality and value oriented landscape, tree, shrub, and turf services
  • Highly refined processes
  • Budget-conscious solutions
  • Complete comprehensive programs

Our Production based mindset with process efficiencies, meets our customerís needs and requirements.

A high-performance ice-melt safer for use around concrete, asphalt, metal, animals and vegetation.

  • Dry, durable high impact 5 gallon bucket
  • Dissolves and penetrates snow pack and ice
  • Breaks the bond between the ice and pavement
  • Reduces bounce and scatter
  • Minimizes environmental impact

VIP Super Deicing simply performs better, melts faster and lasts longer.